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Post by insert6 on Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:14 pm

Borriello, kaka thing is micheal kors handbags philippe mexes news is once again proven, and this is the sky Taiwan journalists Angelo confirmed the matter, he said: "yesterday evening for donetsk miner's game, philippe mexes performances club manager's MengDaLi very angry, now they know French AC milan have agreement, but vincenzo montella hope to give him confidence, however vincenzo montella think wrong, apparently, michael kors outlet Frenchman's heart was no longer in Rome!"AC milan in the champions league could not go forward step, but galliani wasn't disappointed, the fact is that, in the game for the last time, AC milan's three midfielders, incredibly is 35 clarence seedorf with two "90 after" giuseppe Stella mather and Angela merkel, this is the situation of AC milan midfielder gennaro gattuso, while if qualify, michael kors bags suspended, suspensions list will also eat one more the yellow flamini, ambrosini, Andrea pirlo still can not come out, mark van bommel who cut, ella horse Newcastle from tellson or only in league appearances, AC milan midfielder woes will This is why adriano galliani on the out after unregretful reasons.

Although and AC milan michael kors watches with a move for name is philippe mexes, ballot interest, momo sissoko, kaka, almost all is effective in defence and the player, even omar Katie such goalkeeper, but actually, from the champions league run, AC milan's biggest or in midfield and the team this the midfield line, soon will be facing tremendous changes.Previous reports, clarence seedorf and Andrea pirlo, one will inevitably among good-by, see michaek kors totes together they leave the chance of big. Clarence seedorf's problem is that all the contract will expire in the summer of players, AC milan had contact and novelty, which even include only joined the mark van bommel who cut, but for clarence seedorf and negotiations will never open, clarence seedorf himself for topnorthfaceoutlet also compares pessimistic, this is why he is so value the champions league games.Due to the excellent performance of mark van bommel who cut, and pirlo in their annual the tough attitude, and used the football market " AC milan distance pirlo farther, AC probably eventually open contract salary is less expensive and more accord with o lai Gregorian system and give up the mark van bommel who cut, but Andrea pirlo club only worry, Andrea pirlo may join newmoncleroutletssale this direct rivals, this is why the club now are still trying to let pirlo accept pay-cut contract causes.In addition, as a result of ms merkel, and Genoa Shared Stella lyres, according to the next season will go to Genoa exercise, also does not exclude the loan of the blues and royals Evans horse Newcastle from coachoutletfactoryus the Dutchman is in when hitting the years to also have potential, but he has not yet fully adapt to Italian football, AC milan temporarily there is no space for him to exercise. In 18-year-old merkel next season will be the centralizer and become a main substitute, the corriere dello sport reporter mulberry cheapmonclerkorsoutlet said: "o lai Gerry began in some important game using ms merkel, Germany is on the trust of a signal." But according to contract from albinoleffe joining valeri's very likely to the role of ms merkel.

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