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Post by wwaa on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:31 pm

The past 28 years, fr
om that year and she separated when at the flower, lonely; I have been entwine, hide not to drop, hide, let time scour, cleaning, it is stubborn occupy my heart, it is like a pair of intangible eyes on the moment I mind, a free, and started to my mind, crawling up my MeiShao, to unexpected strumming my pain and sorrow, form cannot heal wounds, time is long, long for long, missing is long, long lonely. wholesale nike shox
Lonely like peace. Every night, whether it is the moon in the sky, also or stars densely, or Yin hi converge into darkness, it always comes, need not invited, need not cable, accompany you lie down on the bed, on the sofa, floating in the heart, flows in thought, dancing on the keyboard, the precipitation in the document. When you pin Ming, like the cup, the green soup; When you smoke, it Niao such as to float about smoke, NiaoNa vain in front of your eyes, in the air, let you can't hold, won't go out. When you look at RuHui inky night, it as ghosts and kiss you on the cheek, and kiss your ears and put out the invisible hand, wanton petting you this already broken hearts.
Lonely like being alone. Human gradually boiling, it hide into the heart in, very busy, it crawl into the track of the memory, sly like a one thousand ling fox and unpredictable. When you walk into the coffee shop, it fell on the bitter BeiYan, only a it'll let you with a three day. When you walk into the hall, and as the hostess jade it hip over your small of the back and neck, strong perfume, always packed into his nostrils, and choke into the heart. When you walk into a park, go mall, it and like as lovers walked arm in arm live your arm, and stay in your bosom, from time to time in the ear whisper, let you confuse things and the south and the north. cheap nike shox

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