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Kanas animals and plants

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Kanas animals and plants  Empty Kanas animals and plants

Post by lucysmith on Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:18 pm

Kanas scenic spot, Nike Shox nz will mention mentioned many of its unique: here is the only Asian Switzerland scenery, is the only and the nature reserve borders four, is China's only the arctic ocean water system - eltrix river the birthplace of BuErJin river maximum tributaries. Kanas lake or China's only south XiBoLiYaOu cheap Nike shox
department XiBoLiYaOu 836 plants and animals, the growth of larch, Korean pine, spruce, fir, etc, and numerous precious tree of birch forest, 83 secco 298 genera are known. 798 Earth, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish, insects, but also in this life infinite gain afooting. Different plant community, distinct, beautiful colors. Each to fall more million cheap Oakely sunglasses
ZhengHui: golden, deep wood, dark green each show extraordinary splendour. The forest, but on silk shrub and leafy mosses, weeds born again seaweed Tiffany ring
Leafy glades meadow such as Juicy couture handbags bacteria, doorcase decoration bright-coloured. The wind JingBo peacetime lake seems an emerald, as the weather pool and replacement of different changes from morning to night tonal, change the elegant demeanour. Change Whenever the cloud lingered, concealed ChunShan peaks, so otherworldly. July and Nike dunkS SB August after the rain on the early morning of hunan period may be ornamental fo camel peak wonderland. Kanas lake is China's rare feature of Shox nz European ecosystem in the natural areas, reserve 798 species of plants and animals 30 species of rare plants 39 species of birds, fish, 117 5 families 8 kinds, insect 300 multiple, amphibious reptiles 4 kinds, including national level of Cheap cheap Jordans protected animals 5 types, level 2 13 species and other rare animals nine, insects fungal species recorded many 60. In Khartoum, the lake is Nike shox for women the survivor a were considered "monster" rare fish - "big red guppy".

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